Core Values



Rooted in our common mission, we are committed to PRIDE:


At our school, we teach our students the value of perseverance. We teach them that through hard work, commitment and dedication they can achieve anything. Success in the classroom is only one aspect of our school's mission. Equally important is our desire to develop well-rounded individuals that persevere through all facets and are capable of leading fulfilling lives.


Another core tenet of this community, we teach our students respect for self, respect for others and respect for our community.   It is through trust and respect, we can form healthy relationships with one another and create a safe environment where all students can grow and flourish.


At Queens Valley, we encourage our students to think for themselves and develop a strong sense of independence. By supporting our students to make choices and set their own goals, they learn to take responsibility for their own learning and become more confident and independent individuals.


Diversity is an important aspect of our school life. We believe in the importance of creating a harmonious community that respects individual differences and celebrates the rich cultural heritage we have at our school. We strive to build a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.


Excellence is THE  hallmark of our school. Every member of our community is challenged to strive for excellence every day in everything they do. We expect excellence from our teachers, faculty and from our students. We teach our students to take pride in all aspects of their work and encourage them to reach their fullest potential by developing their passion for learning.