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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Program includes opportunities for students to explore their creativity through dance, music and drama.  
Dance Program
Students take classes in dance from PreK through grade 8.  Our goals are for students to cultivate their creativity collaboratively and build confidence in presenting their work in front of an audience.  We provide our students the opportunity to explore many styles of dance as they learn dance terminology, language and proper dance etiquette. In addition to movement, students will learn dance history as well as observe, analyze and express what they see when watching live or recorded performances.  Our current partnerships are with The Alvin Ailey School of Dance and Ballet Tech.  We have previously partnered with Flaminco Vivo Carlota Santana. Our students perform annually at our outdoor DanceFestival! 
In the middle school students learn to choreograph performances as members of the Queens Valley Dance Ensemble.  These students perform twice per year at our Winter and Spring Arts Shows.  
Students have the opportunity to explore music theory and composition as they take courses in both vocal and instrumental music.  In vocal music, they learn vocal and performance techniques as they prepare for bi-annual performances.  Our students learn song analysis and score reading while learning multiple elements of music.  
We believe that student engagement in the dramatic arts is key to developing their confidence and poise public speakers.  Whether supporting our students to begin exploring their voice in lower elementary classes through our partnership with organizations such as Child's Play or our older students having a chance to study acting methods  through their analysis of film.